(5)Freight Forwarding

INTLSAIL acts as a shipping agent licensed by the Ministry of Transportation of PRC, it offers our clients
with a seamless, resource-rich agency services for the domestic and international vessels calling for
ports in Zhanjiang.

In order to improve the efficiency, productivity and service diversity, we has been keeping long-term,
extensive and close cooperation relations with some big shipping companies, wharfs, transportation
sectors , trade banks, insurance companies, custom and commodity inspection and testing bureau, etc.
Equipped with international experience and a thorough understanding of China's shipping agency industry,
we share this industry's passion to excel.

INTLSAIL has access to a domestic and international network providing shipping agency services to
shipping companies in accordance with the relevant regulations.

These services typically include:
1. attending to formalities for a vessel's entry into or departure from ports
2. arranging pilotage, berthing, loading and discharging of vessels
3. signing bills of lading or carriage contracts and accepting cargo space booking on behalf of the carrier
4. undergoing customs formalities for vessels, containers and shipments
5.canvassing cargoes, arranging shipments and attending to procedures for shipments and trans
   shipment of cargoes and containers
6. collecting freight and settling payment on behalf of carriers
7.arranging passenger transport and attending to procedures for transport of passengers by sea

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