Chartering transportation service is INTLSAIL ‘s primary business. With many years of experience, wide
and close relationships with Ship-owners and Charterers, we have successfully established suitable
ships for a lot of shipments in China. You can also contact us for any import/export cargo as we have
integrated services to link the ship-owners/charterers coming into agreement in certain shipments such
as Coal, Grain, Feedstuffs, Fertilizer, Edible Oil, Oil Pipes, Crude Oil, Refined Oil, Metallic and Non-metallic
Minerals, as well as Chemical Goods, Steel Products, Equipments, Transport Machinery etc .

In contrast to the liner fleet, the tramp vessel does not work under a fixed schedule between designated
ports, therefore, it is more flexible, and it can be chartered under short-term and single offers. The majority
of our tramp shipping consists of bulk cargo ships with a deadweight exceeding 20,000 tons. The fleet
operates worldwide —the lines cover China to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, Africa,
North America, South America and Europe-Mediterranean Sea. Approximately half of the tonnage is involved
in the Indian Ocean.

We are steadfastly pursuing ways to provide customers with diverse experienced bulk chartering services

    Dry bulk cargo

    General cargo

    Equipment projects

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