About Intlsail Marine

Intlsail Marine Co.,Ltd
(Hereafter abbreviated as Intlsail)is a shipping transportation service company established and registered in UK in 2000, which is engaged in international bulk and dry cargo chartering service and sideline in liquid cargo also.



Intlsail signed a long term agreement of shipping agency with Zhanjiang Ocean Shipping Agency Co.,Ltd, which is a member of China Association Of Shipping Agency(CASA) and has the license of international shipping agent that issued by Ministry of Transportation of People’s Republic of China.

To meet the unique requirements of our customers in the fields of import and export, our company has explored and constantly explores shipping service with the lines to Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, North America, South America and Europe-Mediterranean Sea. To provid more advanced service for charterers, Intlsail has set up a huge and international customer network between cargo shipping and cargo agents in China, which transports nationally strategic materials such as kinds of Ore ,Coal, Grain, Feedstuffs, Fertilizer, Oil Pipes, Crude Oil, Metallic and Non-metallic Minerals as well as  as Chemical Goods, Steel Products, Equipments, and Machinery etc.

Intlsail has an experienced, knowledgeable and professional working team and provides customers with all-dimensional marine services covering bulk carrier, harbour handling, shipping agency, ocean marine cargo insurance and marine arbitration and so on.

Intlsail looks forward to your kindly attention and support. To be professional and credible is our ultimate aim and we will serve for you with all sincerity.



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